Monday, August 6, 2012

Recruiting MASHUP - Craigslist vs LinkedIn vs Paid Recruiters

At Costless, we are continuing to add more senior staff as we grow. Sometimes we are able to advance people within our organization - this is our first option - but if no candidate exists, we need to look outside. Currently we have postings: a Marketing Manager, Merchandising Manager and a Sales Manager.
So, where do we find great A Player candidates? I'm currently trying 3 approaches:
1. Craigslist
2. LinkedIn
3. Corporate Recruiter
1. Craigslist - in the past we have had some success with posting here. We try to make sure the job ad is very clear: "Must include cover letter" for example. so we can weed out all the spammers and not-so-serious candidates. For manager positions, this is not the place A Players would hang out. So I give it a FAIL.
2. LinkedIn - personally I love LinkedIn and have over 650 connections. It has been a powerful way to build a diverse and deep pool of like minded connections. A must for any business person. But what about recruiting? I needed to ask around my LinkedIn network for who had done this already. The response was overwhelmingly positive and at $299 for a 30 job posting - let's give it a try.
I posted the jobs and immediately received very qualified candidates. Best part is you can see their profile on LinkedIn and who in your network they are connected to. There was nowhere to hide - I could see everything about them and that saved us tons of time in the shortlist process. Our job ads were viewed by hundreds, replied by many dozens and we interviewed a healthy handful.
I give LinkedIn an A 4 Awesome!
3. Corporate Recruiters - I'm very fortunate to have a good friend who owns Titan Recruiting, so I know I'm getting their best efforts in finding me an A Player. I gave them the Sales Manager posting as I expected this to be the hardest to fill since our requirements were the highest. Although recruiters charge 30% of the first year salary for a placement, I know there is a right time to use them. In our case, it's to help us find a sales manager who will get us over the 20 million in sales mark. The recruiter assists with us and determines a perfect candidate profile, then seeks out that person. Although expensive, if they deliver, it's worth every penny. I'll also give Recruiters an A 4 Awesome!

****Follow Up September 4th, 2012***
We have filled all three positions!
- Merchandising Manager was a promotion internally - that was super news!
- Marketing Manager was found thru LinkedIn - a former Electronic Arts employee and Marketing Consultant who is going to really ramp up our on and offline marketing efforts.
- Sales Manager was located thru the recruiter - a very senior level manager who has build teams of over 600 people and is also a customer service coach in her spare time.
So there you have it - Recruiting MASHUP Summer 2012 is in the bag. We are locked and loaded for our $20M sales climb!