Friday, April 20, 2012

Moments of Truth

Today we pay tribute to our Sesame Street learning theme with a wrap up party. This was our last quarter theme that was focused around "Learning" and all our departments had a chance to trumpet their achievements. Some notable presentations came from Purchasing, Sales and our Drivers.

First, Purchasing - they did a great job over the past 3 months training other departments on how many of our internal processes work. Feedback was that these training sessions will save hundreds of working hours by other staff who now felt more informed.

Second - the drivers invited the sales people to "ride along" for a day and see how orders are delivered and customers were handled face to face. Feedback was a new level of appreciation for the hard work the drivers do each day, and how much the customers love their drivers. Now let's see if we can get a few drivers to come answer phones.
Our party continued with a giant spread of Mexican food followed by the roll out of our next quarter theme - Disney and our Moments of Truth (MOT). MOT for Costless is anything we do that touches or is seen by a customer, from an invoice to a truck to even the way a box is packed. We will be focused on all the MOT details, just like Disney does so well.

Finally we wrapped up our Theme Party with a private Laser Tag event. What's better than blasting a few coworkers on a Friday after work? It was a great turn out and a ton of fun.