Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hell Yeah or No

I subscribe to over 200 blogs and news letters, thinking till now "I need to be in touch with what's happening".

Today I read an article by Derek Sivers, or actually it was a short animated video called Hell Ya - or NO!

It really got me thinking about how I plan my day and my projects. People would say I am always leaning way out into the future and starting the first 10% of projects. Some are fantastic, like our new website build, being the first carbon neutral office supply company in Canada or the ecoYIKE, while other projects were just a bit trivial and didn't really get me jazzed. And most important, if there is nobody behind me to carry to project forward, it can just die.

Sometimes it's best to say no and make room for the "Hell Ya, I love it!" projects.
Have a look at some of Derek's videos: Hell Ya is #92. I also really like A Real Person - A Lot Like You (#93)