Friday, March 25, 2011

Say Hello To Our New EcoYIKE!

What's an ecoYIKE? It's our new hybrid human-electric-solar powered delivery vehicle that you'll soon see in the bike lanes in Downtown Vancouver!

Read our full press release below!

It's not a Bike - It's an EcoYIKE.
The Costless Express EcoYIKE is Canada's first human-solar-electric hybrid delivery vehicle, offering an eco-friendly solution for last mile micro-trip deliveries in urban areas such as downtown Vancouver - where Costless Express has over 1000 office supply customers.
It's such a handy vehicle, you can almost go anywhere.
Because our EcoYIKE is electric (no noise, no pollution, no CO2 emissions) we have been granted access to Vancouver's new bike lanes. As a result, we're able to make fast efficient deliveries even quicker than a car or's the ultimate urban delivery vehicle!
Thanks to this mode of clean parcel transportation, Costless Express is also improving its day-to-day business efficiency by 20-50% higher per delivery compared to current fleet of vehicles. End-customers are even more closely connected to the Costless Express brand and core values on the environment once they see our EcoYIKE in action. So, it's an advantage in terms of visibility and client communications, and in terms of finance and productivity. Everyone loves the EcoYIKE!
Solar Panel
The solar recharging panel in action!
About our EcoYIKE
We started the EcoYIKE project September 2010 and spent several months refining the reliability and length of service on a charge. Our recent break thru solution has been to add 3 high efficiency solar panels, making the EcoYIKE fully autonomous (never needs to be plugged in- even on a cloudy day).
Our EcoYIKE is started manually and then an electric motor kicks in. The motor is quiet and powerful and allows us to reach a comfortable speed. The capacity of the EcoYIKE cargo box to carry our signature red Costless Express plastic delivery totes (no cardboard here!) is impressive. Our emissions-free EcoYIKE works in all weather but our drivers are happiest on one of our trademark sunny Vancouver days of course!
It all fits!
That whole stack fits in the EcoYIKE's trailer!
The EcoYIKE represent a new class of vehicle, between a 40 lb. bike and a full size delivery truck.  This EcoYIKE design weighs only 215 lbs., yet can carry an unprecedented payload of 600+ lbs (227Kg), leading to very high efficiency ratio.  This means that the majority of energy is spent moving the payload, and not the vehicle.
There is a "golden ratio" for vehicular efficiency, that is, vehicle weight / cargo weight.  A typical truck that weighs 8000 lbs., and often carries 2000 lbs. of cargo around town, comes in at "4″.  That's obese!  One wants to get the ratio below "1″, where the cargo weighs MORE than the vehicle.

Who's the king of the golden ratio? The EcoYIKE at a slim and trim 0.35%!
EcoYIKE Statistics:
Authorized in Vancouver cycle lanes
Whisper Quiet Electric Motor
CO2 emissions:0 (Zip, Nada, ZERO)
Length:249cm (98 in)
Height:142cm (56 in)
Width:94cm (37 in)
Weight:97Kg (215lb)
Payload:227Kg (600lb) +
Max Speed:15 km/h
Range:40km or 6 hours per charge (unlimited on Solar Power)
Volume:2.5 m3
Cost:$7000 - $10,000
"Costless Express Loves Earth Like a Mother"
As a locally owned business and like most Vancouverites, we consider the environment to be a major concern -all the more reason for Costless Express to continue its environmental impact reduction policy. Costless Express is the first carbon neutral office supplier in Canada and our main strategy is to cut off 20% of our CO2 emissions and the EcoYIKE is a crucial element in order to achieve this goal.
Based on the early success and positive customer feedback over the past few months, Costless Express aims to raise the number of ecoYIKE's to five before the end of the summer. Each delivery with an EcoYIKE represents a carbon reduction of 5.33 pounds of CO2 compared to our current delivery trucks.
"It's Easy Being Green"™

Costless Express is the first carbon neutral office supplier and the largest supplier of eco friendly B2B office products in Canada. For over 20 years Costless Express has developed innovative strategies and industry firsts including our famous 365 returns, free no minimum order next business day delivery and the most unique product selection available for business delivery.
Costless Express is the market leader in B2B office consumables and the innovator of the highly efficient single source supplier concept. Costless Express offers 40,000 products including a diverse line of environmentally friendly paper, cleaning products, Fair-Trade Organic Coffee, recycled toners and inks, milk, fresh fruit and even Birthday Cakes - all delivered to offices.
The ecoYIKE
Another delivery on its way!
For further information please contact:
Calvin Johnson
CEO - Chief Energizing Officer
Costless Express
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