Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Christmas Family

Today we packed up a truckload of gifts and food to take over and surprise a family we are helping this Christmas. Special thanks to Cindy in our office for introducing this family.

After reading Cindy's email (below) about this family, we rallied our staff and vendors to gather donations to make their Christmas a special one. Have a look at my skills as a movie maker. We aired the video in the offices and people were a bit choked up and a few tears flowed. It was so warming to the heart to see pure joy in a child's face.
As you all may know we are sponsoring my friend and her 3 small kids this year for Christmas.

I have known my friend Chantille for 25 years and she has had some pretty bad luck. From her house being caught on fire and she lost a lot of personal items to moving to Newfoundland and having to sell everything she owned. When she moved back here to BC, the only thing she had to her name was her kitchen table and chairs, 2 suitcases and a smaller suitcase for her 3 year old daughter Summer, which had very few clothes inside. I have taken her to yard sales and thrift stores to get a few things to make her place somewhat livable. She had a used couch given to her and a 19" tv from my mother in law. She is on Welfare at this time, and had a struggle finding a job. She found a part time job the other day, but because it is a new store, they are uncertain when opening day is. So she sits and waits until she gets that phone call. I have helped her get food in her house, had her and kids over for dinners, but there’s only so much I can do as I have to support myself as well. With your help we can provide a very Merry Christmas for them.
Well Cindy - we did our best to help. So proud of you and all our staff!

Cheers and Merry Christmas