Monday, November 23, 2009

Our New Recycling Bin!

Hey, today our new cardboard recycling bin arrived!

We have been really focused on waste management in the warehouse, and although we thought we were doing a good job, we knew we could be doing better. We set a goal of a further reduction in the size of our general garbage bin out back of our warehouse and in turn increased our cardboard bin.

We also added a larger shrink wrap recycling container to capture every scrap of material and ensuring none made its way into general refuse.

Finally, we reduced the amount of times the bins are emptied and this saves 50% of the carbon emissions and traffic congestion from the garbage trucks visiting our location. Did you know the garbage companies charge for each "tip" of the garbage cans? So less tips equals a savings. We estimate a annualized savings from this reduction of about $500 per year and the garbage company gave us a larger cardboard bin at no extra cost.