Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dinner With Peter Frost

Peter Frost talksAfter visiting the EPIC show today I met up with my great friend Peter Frost. If you recall in my November 12th entry, it was Peter who really kick-started my interest in becoming environmentally aware.

Peter had just landed in Vancouver from London, and we met up for dinner to catch up. Peter is internationally known for his forward insight of the Office Products industry, and does public speaking on topics such as marketing to women in business, competing against the big box retailers, and most notably, his experience on all things Eco and Green.

Peter Frost and Calvin Johnson We had a great dinner at Morton's Chop House downtown (fantastic service, but that's another story) and Peter filled me in on where the industry is heading. He says it was a real tipping point year for Eco awareness in business all over the globe, but was specifically impressed with the knowledge and commitment Canadian businesses have continued to show. We discussed Costless Express going Carbon Neutral on Earth Day at the graduation of our EcoTrust 3 month workshop on Carbon Neutral companies. He had not heard of another Canadian Office Supply company being Carbon Neutral - so we could be the leader.

By dessert and coffee I had all the motivation needed to complete our process and become the First Carbon Neutral Office Supply Company in Canada!

Peter, you owe me dinner next time.