Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Driver Appreciation Day

Drivers Appreciation BBQAs a customer of Costless Express, you cant help but meet our Fantastic Drivers. Today we held an Appreciation BBQ for the 6 hard working people who drive trucks for Costless Express.

Our drivers start their day at 6:30am and load their truck with all their orders (our night shift has just finished picking at 6am). After loading everything from pallets of water to custom birthday cakes, they're off to battle morning traffic. Some customers arrive at work and our drivers are in the parking lot waiting to drop their first orders of milk and coffee for the day. Some customers we have rely on us to deliver coffee supplies every day and we don't want to disappoint a large company with hundreds of employees - never mess with the morning coffee!!

Our drivers cover an assigned territory and get to know their customers by first name and our customers get to know them. During the BBQ the drivers shared stories about covering each others territory during holidays and how customers really missed their regular driver. You see, our drivers get to know exactly where to put the order, when to arrive, who to talk to and how to deal with any building security and protocol. They even wash coffee pots and make coffee! So when another driver covers a territory there is a tall order to fill. In the end our customers enjoy all our delivery drivers but there is always a bond with the regular driver.

During the BBQ our inside staff was able to thank the drivers for all the great work they do. We handed out some great folding chairs and umbrellas to each driver as a gift and ate and ate and ate. The highlight for me was singling out our driver Terry. He has been with me for 14 years! We aimed to guess the amount of deliveries he has done over the years and calculated at an average of 45 per day that would be an amazing 163,800 deliveries!

Great job Terry and all the drivers. You are the face of our company and we couldn't do it without you.