Sunday, November 30, 2014

Snack Attack!!

Here comes the Snack Attack Rack as a congratulations from Lykki. 
This customer just added several hundred new employees and a new facility because they won a new contract and are expanding rapidly. 

It was a fun way for Lykki to say congrats. 
The Snack Attack Rack also had some NERF Guns strapped to the back of the rack for some fun post snack attacking of the NERF kind. 


Friday, November 21, 2014

A little bowling in your work day.

At the Lykkiplex we made sure to add in a big TV and a video game console for fun get togethers.  The idea of course is to create an environment of fun and comradre. 
What I have found with our video games or other companies with pool tables, ping pong or anything like that is the staff rarely use them. 

It's interesting that people get so caught up in their day a to day work that they forget to take small breaks. And when there is an outlet like ping pong or video games, we feel guilty to play them. Even when the company encourages it. 

Play in the workplace is important for building strong teams, communication and cross department empathy. Starting something like a Wii bowling league with partners from different departments can be one of the healthiest things a company could do. How about having your meeting while playing Mario Cart?

I'm just suggesting ...... Could be the most attended meeting of the week.


Monday, November 17, 2014

And the winner is......

Today was an exciting day on a EO Vancouver board seat event I have been working on for several months. We held the the inaugural Vancouver Global Student Entrepreneur Awards this evening at the SFU Beedie School of business. 

The GSEA is held yearly in over 50 countries and is considered the priemier student entrepreneur competition on the planet. Thousands of students apply and each EO chapter holds a regional competition whereby the winner will move onto a national competition and then possibly onto a global finals competition. 

GSEA has been an almost global event for EO but it is now pushing for every country - hence Canada being added this year and holding its first GSEA events nation wide this month. 

Our event was packed with amazing talent and judges in an afternoon prelim where the top 6 students presented before a judging panel of 8 EO members. The 6 students were then short listed to the top 3 and asked to present again before a VIP judging panel of some of Vancouver's most distinguished business leaders. The final 3 also had the pressure of presenting on stage before 100 people during a lively cocktail reception. 

Every student did an amazing job presenting and each had solid businesses and a history of entrepreneurship - but when the dust settled the VIP judges voted a winner. 
The GSEA Vancouver winner for 2014 was Daniel Dubois and his business SHARESHACK.

Next for Daniel and I is a trip to the Canadian Nationals in February where we will compete to win against all other cities. If Daniel wins Canada he will move onto Washington DC in April for the Global GSEA. 

Stay tuned.....


Monday, November 10, 2014

Stock Alert Online Feature

Recently we rolled out a new feature online that you may have seen. 
It's a nifty feature that will email you when an item that is out of stock arrives back in our warehouse. 

We try our darnedest to never be out of stock on any items and that can sometimes be challenging with over 50,000 items online. There is always a small percentage that is out of stock from supplier shortages or when a customer buys out our entire stock in an unexpected bulk order. 

This online feature was a suggestion a few customers gave us thru our checkout feedback. They wanted to know when an item the saw online that was out of stock - when would it come back. So this feature let's customers who click the button know immediately when we receive the new stock in our warehouse. They are literally emailed within minutes of arrival on out loading docks so they can place an order that day. 

So far customer seem to be really enjoying the feature. We will also continue to monitor stock and do our best to keep out out of stock items to as low as possible.