Friday, January 16, 2015

Matt hits the road

When life gives you lemons - make lemonade.
This was what we did when Matt from our sales department came back from Christmas Break. He went to visit his parents and his father was becoming quite ill. Matt decided he needed to spend more time in Florida taking care of his dad but didn't want to leave Lykki. How could he do both??
We decided that with today's technology work is a thing you do not a place you go so why not let Matt move back home to Florida and care for his dad while continuing his job remotely. So off Matt went on a cross country road trip - click here to see his pictures. He sure drank a lot of coffee.

June Follow Up - Matt has really settled into his new routine and enjoys the 3 hour differential that allows him his morning to exercise before west coast time comes online. Our VoIP phones and remote login have worked fantastic plus his customers seem to love his story and the ability to continue his career at Lykki under the circumstances that other companies may have let him go.
Oh, and Dad seems to be doing pretty well now that Matt is close by.

OneBox - Drop In - Help Out

New for this year is a Lykki for good project we are calling OneBox.
The idea started when we noticed several of our customers asking to keep our Blue Delivery Totes so they could fill them with used toner cartridges.
We taken back ink and toner cartridges and send them to responsible recyclers for years and some of our larger customers return a high volume each month.
Seeing that customers had our Blue Totes, we got to thinking and brainstormed some ideas like --- "What else could we collect from customers?" And "How can we turn this into something good for the community and the environment?"
So, fast forward to today and the launch of OneBox.
Here is how it works:
  • Customers request a OneBox and we deliver an empty blue tote.
  • Included with the tote is marketing material, posters and handout cards to educate the customers employees about OneBox.
  • Employees can place everything from toners and inks to batteries, lightbulbs, clothing and food. ( the whole list can be found here ( link).
  • When the OneBox is full our Lykki Driver will swap it out for an empty tote and return the full one to the Lykkiplex.
  • Next we sort the tote and separate items for recycling, donations and the food bank.
Our goal is to place 10,000 OneBoxes.
We think it's a pretty cool idea so we would love your feedback and involvement.
To learn more - check out

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

These are some Smart Students!

This is my first year running the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.
This week we are in Toronto for the GSEA finals that ended with a winner who will go to the national GSEA event in Washington DC this spring.

The event was created to find and celebrate budding student entrepreneurs from all over the globe. These kids are just amazing and Daniel Dubois from Share Shed was our Vancouver entry and he finished a very close second.
Although Daniel missed out on winning, he did walk away in Vancouver with the lions share of $100,000 in prizes so he was just happy to be a part of this inspirational event.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Give Back Event - Downtown East Side

Our annual " Give Back Event" was last night This is the follow up story to our packaging night we held in November.
Each year the event grows larger and we decided to forgo the usual hand out date near Christmas and move the date to January. This was advice from our partners on the Downtown Eastside, who noted that most donations happen at Christmas, but January is one of the lowest times for support.
This year was our largest in terms of people and packages.
Thank you to everyone who helped and donated.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Catalogues 2015

Our 2015 catalogues have arrived right on schedule.
This year we have 2 choices for our customers - big and small.
Our big catalogue has 1200 pages of all the awesome stuff you enjoy buying from Lykki   But now we have a small catalogue of a few hundred pages with only the common popular items. The reason we did this was most customers actually need less than 100 products to run their business. Think about it - paper, pens, coffee, sugar. There really isn't that many items.
So after reading a study on choices and happiness (less choices make you happier) we decided to offer our mini catalogue.
Look for your Awesome Lykki Delivery Driver to drop one off soon.