Friday, May 8, 2015

What is a Piñata?

Today we say goodbye to our Japanese intern Satomi.
She has been with Lykki for the past three months as part of a work exchange program.  Her goal was to come to Vancouver and work in a business that had a great culture so she can learn how an office runs in Canada.
Today we threw her a Piñata Party. She had never heard on a piñata and when we told her it was full of candy and she needed to smash it, she thought we were crazy. After a few soft hits Rita jumped in to ensure total destruction. Check out the video.


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Orphanage Visit

Today was amazing, inspiring and sad all at the same time.
While visiting San Diego for a board meeting we decided to rent a bus, drive to Mexico and hand out supplies to an orphanage.
We had a connection thru a friend that an orphanage about one our from the border could accept our donations. The ladies who ran the orphanage met us at the Costco at the border and we asked them to show is what they were in need of.
We loaded up socks, pajamas, toiletries, food, and as a little extra surprise they didn't see us buy - a bouncy castle.

After loading up the bus and driving to the orphanage compound we were greeted by happy and smiling little kids all running around. We set up a daisy chain of people and unloaded the supplies into the main dining hall. There we were treated to a delicious Mexican lunch of tortillas, beans and an amazing hot sauce that I think we should bottle and sell!!!
For the next few hours after lunch we played soccer, basketball and enjoyed the company of the kids. The bouncy castle was a huge hit and we loved hearing the laughter and cheering of the children as they piled in.

It was heart breaking to have to leave and it feels we were only able to make a tiny dent in such an important issue and cause. I have asked to stay in touch with the head nun and see how Lykki can assist with supplies we collect thru OneBox.
We are truly blessed in Vancouver and any sort of charitable cause is a great thing to be a part of. Please donate your time if you don't already.
Gratefully yours,

Friday, May 1, 2015

Bowling makes good friends.

Near the Lykkiplex is a fantastic bowling alley and we take good advantage of it.
This outing was a welcome event for four new partners that recently started.
Nicole, Kirsten, Grace and Heather.
We think there is always an occasion to celebrate and get together at work.
Making friends at work is one of the most important aspects of staff retention and worker happiness.