Sunday, April 27, 2008

BPA & Bottles

Water bottleSunday, and here I am in Denver waiting for my connecting flight from Dallas, Texas to Vancouver. Sandy, Darrin and I were at a conference on our company software. I was sipping a bottle of water, and started thinking about the recent news on the chemical BPA that is found in some plastics. Was this one of the unhealthy bottles? What is the story here, and how does it effect our customers?

I'm sure you have all seen the news about BPA and how some retailers like The Bay and Mountain Equipment Co-Op have removed product from their shelves. What I have found is there is ample evidence that North American human exposure levels are approximately 100,000 times below (TDI) Tolerable Daily Intake levels established by various authorities. The big news recently is the announcement by Health Canada that they are ready to become the first jurisdiction to take the unprecedented step of listing BPA as a "dangerous substance".

At Costless Express we sell over 3,000,000 recyclable containers, and many are plastic water bottles. I am happy to report that plastic water bottles are not made with BPA. Feel safe and chug away. It does raise a concern for me though. What is on the list of nasty things we are consuming that is on Health Canada's Tolerable Daily Intake list?


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Healthy Planet, Healthy Office

Healthy Planet, Healthy Office flyerYou will soon see one of our "Healthy Planet, Healthy Office" flyers in the mail over the next few weeks. We sent one to over 55,000 businesses in Vancouver.
Our flyer has 16 pages of eco and healthy products, such as recycled paper, eco-friendly cleaners, and tasty, healthy juices and fresh fruits. All the flyer products are found in our large catalogue, but I think customers like seeing what we offer that is healthy and eco-friendly.
The highlight for me has to be the back cover of the flyer. It shows a neat diagram of why Costless is the eco-friendly choice for ordering office supplies. Thanks to Erin, our graphic designer, for a very engaging diagram. Erin, you always do great work! Respect!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day Savings!

New Paperline 30% Recycled PaperI wanted to celebrate Costless Express going Carbon Neutral, so we held a super sale on a few recycled products for our customers.

I lowered our 30% recycled paper from a great price of $39.99 per case to an incredible $29.99 per case. Our recycled single fold towel went from $29.99 to a crazy price of $19.99.

I wanted to spotlight a few recycled items and have customers try something new, and think about recycled products as an alternative. We sell over 2500 recycled products, so have a look in our catalogue, or call your fantastic account manager.

I hope you took advantage of our sale!


Happy Earth Day!

Earlier this year, our company set a very lofty goal of being Canada's first carbon neutral office supplier. Today on Earth Day, we met that goal! Costless Express is now a Carbon Neutral Company.

EcoTrust Canada WorkshopDarrin and I attended our final Ecotrust Canada workshop and purchased our first carbon offsets. Costless Express will continue to lower its CO2 emissions each year, and our goal over the next 12 months is to remove 40 tonnes from our carbon footprint.

I wanted to spotlight Alison Cretney, Magdalena Szpala and Michelle Bonner at EcoTrust Canada. They were exceptional, supportive, educational and very professional in how they ran the workshop.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dinner With Peter Frost

Peter Frost talksAfter visiting the EPIC show today I met up with my great friend Peter Frost. If you recall in my November 12th entry, it was Peter who really kick-started my interest in becoming environmentally aware.

Peter had just landed in Vancouver from London, and we met up for dinner to catch up. Peter is internationally known for his forward insight of the Office Products industry, and does public speaking on topics such as marketing to women in business, competing against the big box retailers, and most notably, his experience on all things Eco and Green.

Peter Frost and Calvin Johnson We had a great dinner at Morton's Chop House downtown (fantastic service, but that's another story) and Peter filled me in on where the industry is heading. He says it was a real tipping point year for Eco awareness in business all over the globe, but was specifically impressed with the knowledge and commitment Canadian businesses have continued to show. We discussed Costless Express going Carbon Neutral on Earth Day at the graduation of our EcoTrust 3 month workshop on Carbon Neutral companies. He had not heard of another Canadian Office Supply company being Carbon Neutral - so we could be the leader.

By dessert and coffee I had all the motivation needed to complete our process and become the First Carbon Neutral Office Supply Company in Canada!

Peter, you owe me dinner next time.